Corporate Communications: Press office director leaves airport company

18.05.18 14:50

Due to several restructures in the FBB GmbH within the last two years and the resulting redistribution of tasks, Mr Lars Wagner requested release from his contract as Head of the Press Office and as First Spokesman. The management accommodated this wish. Mr Wagner will leave the company on 31 December 2018.

Mr Wagner has been employed by the FBB since October 2012. In this time and in several positions of leadership, he has been responsible for the reorientation of corporate communications and press following the postponement of the BER opening, originally planned for June 2012.

Hannes Stefan Hönemann, Head of Corporate Communications: “Mr Wagner has consistently produced outstanding work during all these years, for which we thank him. We express our regret for his decisions to leave the company and wish him all the best in the future.”

Lars Wagner, Head of the Press Office: “It has been very exciting, but everything has its time. After six years of airport communications, I have decided to make a professional change. I wish the airport team every success on the road to the BER opening.”

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