15th International Workcamp / Climate Garden: The next round!

08.07.19 15:10

The time has come: 14 young participants are taking up the challenge at the 15th International Workcamp in Rangsdorf! The young people, aged between 16 and 23 years old, come from all over the world. Over the weekend, they travelled from Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Czechia as well as Turkey and Germany. Over the next three weeks and under the guidance of the Mittelbrandenburg Countryside Trust (Landschaftspflegevereins Mittelbrandenburg e.V.), they will get involved with nature and landscape in the Climate Garden in the centre of Rangsdorf. A group bike tour starts it off today. Sabine Zimmermann and Markus Mohn, both from the Mittelbrandenburg Countryside Trust, introduce the place and its characteristics for the 15th year with pep and enthusiasm: "The welcome tour gets a little longer every year because we also always present the results of the previous Workcamps", enthuses Mohn. Of course, a stopover at Rangsdorf Town Hall with a look at the Tourist Office on the route is essential.

Since 2005, the International Workcamp, supported by the Rangsdorf municipality and Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH, has set itself the task of inspiring young people from all over the world to care for and develop nature and the countryside. In addition, the participants can look forward to an accompanying programme with guided tours and various excursions to Berlin and Brandenburg, such as to the German Parliament or to the Berlin Wall Memorial, for example.

Dr. Manfred Bobke-von Camen, Chief Human Resources Officer of Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH: "We are glad that as an Airport Company, we've been able to support the International Workcamp for 15 years now. The project impressively shows how young people from different cultures can all get involved together for the environment. The improvements of the Climate Garden not only benefit the residents of Rangsdorf, but also contribute to sustainable development in the airport region".

In 2017, the International Workcamp also took place on the municipal property. Whereas two years ago, the area that was blemished with debris and rubbish was created as the basis for the Rangsdorf Climate Garden, the natural area now receives specific upgrades. Bordered flower beds will be installed and later be used by Rangsdorf's children's facilities. To improve the quality of a visit, a seating area will be built with an awning for sun protection, the grounds will become accessible with ramps next to the stairs, and insects and small animals such as toads and hedgehogs will be given shelters. But not all tasks and goals are planned out already – "Like every year, we want to challenge the adolescents' imagination and creativity in order to create something unplanned" says Markus Mohn, who is always on site as a landscape designer.

During the project, the adolescents will be working together as a team regardless of their skin colour, religion or background. The idea behind the International Workcamp is to connect different cultures by working together in nature.

The International Workcamp was organised for the first time in 2005 – the organisers are the Mittelbrandenburg Countryside Trust (Landschaftspflegeverein Mittelbrandenburg e. V.) and International Youth Services (Verein Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste, ijgd). Since then, 244 young people from 39 nations have already given their services to the nature and landscape of the Rangsdorf area.

During the course of the construction of Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER), the airport company is implementing long-term offsetting and compensating measures with the aim of preserving and improving the natural balance in the area surrounding BER. The most extensive of these projects is the ecological enrichment of the Zülow lowlands, a lowland and a cultural landscape used for agriculture, which is situated between Mittenwalde, Dabendorf and Rangsdorf with a size of around 2,600 hectares.

Thanks to its good connections by road and rail, Rangdorf is the gateway to the Zülow lowlands and an ideal starting point for trips to the countryside. In addition, the village green with a church and art galleries, the Climate Garden as well as the beach on the Rangsdorfer Lake are around a 15 minutes' walk away from Rangsdorf train station (RE5 and RE7).

Press Invitation

The Workcamp will take place until 28 July. Media representatives are invited to visit the young people to talk to them about their natural conservation ef-forts. Please register for your visit by contacting the LPV Mittelbrandenburg e.V, directly.

We would also like to cordially invite you to the final presentation on Thursday, 25 July at 11am. On this day, the adolescents will present the results of their volunteer work with a tour.

Event date: Thursday, 25 July 2019

11am – 1pm

(Tour begins at 11:15am)

Place: Rangsdorf Climate Garden (Klimagarten Rangsdorf)

Kurparkring 3, 15834 Rangsdorf

Your contact person:
• Markus Mohn, Mittelbrandenburg Countryside Trust (LPV Mittelbrandenburg e.V.)
• Dr. Manfred Bobke-von Camen, Chief Human Resources Officer, Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH


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