Terms of Use - Free Airport WiFi

Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH (FBB) makes hotspots within the wireless LAN network (WLAN) of FBB available to passengers, customers and visitors (users) in marked out, publicly accessible areas of the airport at the airports Berlin-Schönefeld and Berlin-Tegel for free use of internet. Access and use of this service are subject to the following conditions.


Within the framework of technical and operational possibilities, the user receives access to the internet from FBB for wireless surfing for wireless surfing at the respectively available hotspot locations.

Availability of hotspots, accessibility to the internet or certain in-ternet sites as well as data transmission speed during use of the WLAN network are dependent on various factors that partially lie outside of FBB’s sphere of responsibility. Constant and uninter-rupted availability, usages of hotspots or the internet as well a specific data transmission speeds cannot be guaranteed or as-sured by FBB.

The offer from FBB to us the hotspot infrastructure is voluntary and can be ended at any time.


The wireless data transmission between the hotspot and the user’s end device is unencrypted. It cannot be ruled out that third parties obtain unauthorised access to unencrypted data transmissions. Therefore, the user should only transmit security-related or sensitive data with the aid of suitable security software.

Content retrieved via the WLAN is not subject to checks for malware (viruses, etc.) by FBB. Every user is personally responsible for the security of their device and data.

For security reasons, FBB can install an automatic disconnection from the internet (Session Time Out). The user can login to FBB’s WLA network again at any time after Session Time Out has occurred.

User duties

Users are personally responsible towards FBB and third parties for the use of the internet, the content of their internet call-ups, data uploads or data disseminated via FBB’s WLAN network in any way whatever. FBB does not check the content transmitted.

The user may not misuse the WLAN network and must especially refrain from the following:

  • unsolicited sending of news or information to third parties for advertising purposes (spamming)
  • unauthorised retrieval or attempted unauthorised retrieval of information and data of third parties
  • unauthorised public dissemination and downloading of copy-righted files and documents (music, films, software programmes and the like)
  • unauthorised or attempted unauthorised intrusion into third party data networks
  • provision or use of executable routines (e.g. spyware, dialler etc.) that are transmitted to the computer of internet users automatically, without authorisation and concealed. 

The user is forbidden to disseminate information with illegal or immoral content. This includes, in particular, any information that serves to incite hatred, causes the commission of violence or glorifies or trivialises violence, is sexually offensive in terms of Sections 130, 130a and 131 StGB [German Criminal Code]; is pornographic, can seriously corrupt or interfere with the wellbeing of children or juveniles or damages FBB’s reputation in terms of Section 184 StGB. The provisions of the Treaty for the Protection of Minors in the Media and the Law for the Protection of Children and Young People must be complied with.

Users must respect the laws of copyrights, brands, patents, names and trademarks as well as other third party industrial and intellectual rights.

Other provisions

German law applies.


The FBB service is provided with due care. However, FBB does no grant any guarantee for specific purposes of using the offered WLAN service. Equally, FBB does not assume any liability for damage that may occur to the user during the use or unavailability of the WLAN service. In particular, FBB does not assume any liability for damage that may arise from installing or using downloaded files. Furthermore, FBB is not responsible for the loss of data when using FBB’s public WLAN network. The limitations of liability do not apply to claims based on intent, gross negligence, injury to life, limb, health or if the product liability law comes into effect. FBB must be indemnified by the user from all third party claims that are based on the user’s illegal use of the WLAN internet access or occur with his/her consent or arise from data protection, copyright or other legal disputes connected to the use of the hotspot. If the user realises or should realise that a violation of this nature is about to occur, he/she is obligated to inform FBB immediately.


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