German Federal Police

German Federal Police

The German Federal Police at Berlin Schönefeld Airport are tasked with border protection and aviation security. They cooperate closely with other security services, the airport operator and airline companies. The German Federal Police are located on the second floor of terminal section L at Schönefeld Airport.

Phone: +49 30 609110719

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State Police

State Police
The Brandenburg State Police are responsible for safeguarding areas accessible to the public and the environs of Berlin Schönefeld Airport.

Police Schönefeld, Bohnsdorfer Chaussee 30, 12529 Schönefeld
Phone: +49 30 634800
Fax: +49 30 63480229

Additional useful information is provided by the online station of the state police at:

The Federal Aviation Office

The Federal Aviation Office (LBA)
The Federal Aviation Office (LBA) guarantees the existing high safety standards in German aviation and flight safety by means of numerous approval, certification and supervisory functions.

Adress in Berlin: Jeanette-Wolff-Straße 11 in 12355 Berlin

Phone: +49 531 23558009

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The German Customs Administration controls cross-border goods traffic and levies tolls and taxes in Schönefeld. All goods to be declared must be declared to customs on arrival. Customs is located on the first floor of terminal section L at Berlin Schönefeld Airport.

Phone.: +49 30 609176306

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