There are 47 check-in counters at Berlin-Schönefeld Airport. Present your ID card or passport and your ticket to your airline’s check-in counter to receive your boarding pass, which will tell you the departure gate and your seat number. You can also drop bags off at the counter. In any case, we would like to ask you to arrive at the airport on time, i.e. at least two hours before your departure time, even if you are travelling with hand luggage only.

Checking in the evening before a flight

Night-before check-in

Some airlines allow you to check in the night before. more zum Thema: Night-before check-in

Online Check-in

Online check-in

Avoid long queues: find out how to check in online. more zum Thema: Online check-in

Airport Info

+49 30 609160910


Our airport information staff can be reached 24/7.