Customs and taxes

VAT refund

VAT Refunds

VAT-free shopping? Find out more about value added tax refunds. more zum Thema: VAT reimbursement

Duty-free allowances

Duty-free Allowances

When do I start paying tax on imported products? Here you will find information about the permitted tax-free allowances. more zum Thema: Duty-free allowances

Product piracy

Product Piracy

Product piracy is no trivial offence. You will find information about the applicable regulations here. more zum Thema: Product piracy

Cash controls

Cash Registration

Customs is also responsible for checking cash crossing the border. You can find out how much cash you are permitted to carry with you here. more zum Thema: Cash controls



Find conventions about biodiversity. more zum Thema: Protection of species

Border veterinarian

Border Veterinarian

Find information concerning the border veterinarian. more zum Thema: Border veterinarian


Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions on issues concerning customs, tax and import regulations. more zum Thema: Frequently asked questions