VAT Refunds

As a visitor from a non-European Union country you are entitled to request a refund of all VAT paid on goods purchased before you commence your journey home.


Shop where you see the Global Blue TAX Free SHOPPING sign displayed and ask for a refund cheque when you make your purchase.

Customs Stamp

Show your purchases, receipts and your passport to customs and have your Global Blue Cheque stamped.


Have your VAT refunded in cash in our Cash Refund Office or send your cheque to Global Blue for the amount to be credited to your credit card. We can also send you a cheque which you can pay into your account.

Global Blue

You will find Global Blue at Schönefeld Airport on Level 1 in terminal section L.

For more information about VAT refunds, visit the Global Blue website.


Global Blue

+49 30 6091-3420

  • Address
    Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg
    Terminal A, 1. Obergeschoss
    12521 Schönefeld

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