People and Hand Luggage

People and hand luggage will be inspected at the security checkpoint after the boarding pass has been checked. Please read and observe the information about “Hand Luggage” carefully.

Getting around the airport

At Berlin Schönefeld Airport there are a total of 15 security screening lanes. These screening lanes can be used by all passengers. Please note that only passengers with hand luggage who have already checked in can use the lanes in terminal section Q, as there are no check-in or bag drop counters in this terminal. 

Hand luggage inspection

Place your hand luggage flat on the screening device conveyor belt for inspection.

Remove all metal objects from your pockets and clothing which could trigger the metal detector alarm (wristwatch, belt buckle, keys, mobile phone, coins, etc.) and place them in the provided trays. Put your jacket or coat, your properly packed and closed plastic bag of liquids and your laptop in the trays. Remove your laptop from its bag. The security personnel may also request that you take off your shoes so that they can be screened as well.

You can speed up the hand luggage inspection and help to avoid waiting times if you have the above-mentioned objects ready for inspection before you reach the checkpoint.

If an object cannot be clearly identified during the screening, it will be necessary to inspect your hand luggage in your presence. The luggage will be opened and the questionable object identified. The personnel may ask you to remove the particular object from your luggage and to show it to them.

You may possibly be requested to turn on cameras, laptops and other electronic devices briefly to prove that they are functioning devices.

Personal inspection

After placing your hand luggage and all of the required objects on the screening device conveyor built, wait for personnel to signal or ask you to walk through the gateway.

If you have a heart pacemaker, shunt or valve, notify the personnel in charge at the checkpoint before walking through the gateway.

If the metal detector triggers an alarm, the security personnel will use a hand-held detector to inspect you manually so that the object triggering the alarm can be identified. In addition, all parts of your body will be patted down.

If necessary, a manual inspection will be carried out in a closed area to protect your privacy. Talk to the personnel at the checkpoint in this case.

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