At the airport

Upon arrival at Berlin Schönefeld Airport, please proceed directly to your check-in counter and inform a member of staff that you require special assistance. A Mobility Service employee will appear shortly afterwards to assist you further.

The Mobility Service will support you during your entire time at Berlin Schönefeld Airport:

  • Departure: check-in, luggage check-in, passing through airport security, catering, shopping, transfer to the departure gate and boarding
  • Arrival: getting off the aircraft, transfer to the luggage claim hall and passing through border control and customs procedures

Please note that you may have to go up or down stairs at Berlin Schönefeld Airport. If your aircraft is parked in a remote position, you will also have to climb up stairs. If you are unable to overcome these obstacles on your own, please register for the Mobility Service.

Travelling with your own wheelchair

If you are travelling with your own wheelchair, you can check it in at the large luggage counter. You will receive a Mobility Service wheelchair to make your way from the airport to your aircraft seat. People who use an electric wheelchair must always check their wheelchair in at the large luggage counter.


It is also possible for you to use your manual wheelchair until you board the aircraft if you wish. However, it must be exchanged for an airport-owned wheelchair for safe storage in the hold at the latest when you board the aircraft to ensure that you board and reach your aircraft seat safely.

Tactile 3D models

In order to make it easier for visually impaired passengers to find their way around Berlin Schönefeld Airport, tactile 3D models were installed in terminal sections L and M and at the end of the covered walkway from the train station.

Call points

At the disabled parking spaces in P52 and P56, between terminal section L and terminal section Q, at the left-hand entrance to terminal section M and in front of the left-hand entrance to terminal section L, there are call points where you can contact the Mobility Service directly by pressing the call button if you require assistance.

Mobility Service

Mobility Service AAS Aviation & Airport Services GmbH

+49 30 609158442

  • Address
    AAS Aviation & Airport Services GmbH
    Paul-Robeson-Straße 37
    10439 Berlin