Getting to/from the airport by taxi

Arriving and departing by taxi

The taxi ranks can be found on the approach to Schönefeld Airport, right outside terminal section L.

Passengers requiring a special taxi, e.g. for the disabled or a maxi cab, should ask a local service staff for assistance.

Please make sure you only use clearly marked taxis parked at the designated ranks. There is the risk that bogus taxi drivers may be operating outside of these areas. Also do not allow taxi drivers to approach you in the terminal.

Standard fares apply to all Berlin taxi drivers. In addition to distance-based fares, the following surcharges may apply:

  • €1.50 for a single journey from Schönefeld Airport
  • €1.50 per person in maxi cabs seating five or more
  • €1 for bulky items of luggage
  • €1.50 for non-cash payments, e.g. by EC or credit card

In the rare event that no taxis are available at the airport, you can call a cab on one of the following numbers:

  • Airport Taxi BB: +49 30 810588888
  • Taxi Berlin: +49 30 202020
  • Würfelfunk: +49 30 210101
  • TaxiFunk Berlin: +49 30 443322
  • Quality Taxi: +49 30 263000
  • City-Funk Berlin: +49 30 210202
  • Funk Taxi Berlin: +49 30 261026

All information is subject to error or change.  

Frequently asked questions

  • Which route does the driver have to take?
    If no other route is arranged, the taxi driver has to take the shortest – and therefore cheapest – route. 
  • Which taxi do I have to use if several are available?
    You can decide which taxi to use if there are several waiting at a taxi rank. Usually, you would be expected to choose the first taxi in line as this one has been waiting longest.
  • Which seat should I sit on in a taxi?
    You can choose whether to sit in the passenger seat or in the back.
  • Am I allowed to smoke in a taxi?
    The ban introduced in 2007 prohibits drivers and passengers from smoking in taxis.
  • Are taxi drivers allowed to refuse to take me to my chosen destination?
    Taxi drivers departing from Schönefeld Airport are obliged by law to take any passenger to their chosen destination within the district of Dahme-Spreewald or the state of Berlin on request. Taxi drivers are also obliged to drive to various other destinations, e.g. Potsdam, Teltow and Erkner as well as the municipalities Nuthetal, Zeuthen and Petershagen-Eggersdorf.
  • Does the taxi driver have to provide a receipt?
    If you need a receipt, the driver is obliged to provide one which can be used for the purpose of tax, fare disputes or to contact the taxi company if you leave something behind in the taxi. The receipt must include the following details: the name and address of the taxi firm, licence number (i.e. the number on the rear windscreen), route, fare, time and date as well as the signature of the taxi driver.
Airport Info

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