Border Veterinarian

Border veterinarian

The border veterinarian is responsible for supervising the import and transit of animals, goods of animal origin, goods subject to inspection and foods of vegetable origin. Duties and responsibilities are based on the EU and national legal provisions related to animal protection, protection from epizootics and health protection in commercial and tourist traffic. In addition, the confiscation and quarantine of animals subject to import prohibitions and the confiscation and disposal of foods and products of animal origin subject to import prohibitions are carried out by the border veterinarian service in collaboration with customs authorities. Furthermore, the border veterinarian services is responsible for the risk-oriented customs inspection of travellers from countries where there are acute epizootics and the supervision of the collection and safe disposal of on-board waste.

The air transport of animals is subject to a series of complex provisions and laws. The primary responsibilities of the German Federal Veterinary Office (BVET) include animal health, animal protection and safe foods of animal origin. In addition, good general conditions for the export of foodstuffs of animal origin must also be prepared. Furthermore, the BVET monitors cross-border traffic and trade with animals and plants and with animal products and foods of animal origin.

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