Frequently asked questions

  • I want to bring my pet with me on holiday. What must I take into consideration?

    The transportation of animals by air is subject to numerous complex regulations. The German Federal Veterinary Office establishes the legal framework for this.

    You can find further information on the work of the border veterinary surgeons and on the applicable regulations at: www.amtstieraerzte.de

  • Where can I find information on customs related issues before setting off on my journey?
    The German Federal Customs Administration recommends that you inform yourself about the customs regulations (e.g. duty-free allowances, how much currency you may carry with you across borders, regulations on the protection of trademarks and species, etc.) before setting off on your journey abroad by visiting the customs authority’s website at www.zoll.de .
  • What must I consider when importing goods from abroad?

    Special customs regulations must be observed when importing goods from abroad. Generally a certain quantity can be imported that is exempt from duty. If you do not exceed this quantity, please use the green exit at the customs checkpoint. If you are importing more than the permitted duty-free allowance, you must use the red exit and declare the goods at customs. Different duty-free allowances apply for the various regions of origin.

    If you are entering the country from the EU, you must observe the duty-free allowances and value limits presented on the following page: www.zoll.de

    If you are entering the country from non-EU countries, you must observe the following regulations, duty-free allowances and value limits: www.zoll.de

    If you exceed the stated value limits, you must pay import duties that are calculated based on the full value of the product.

  • What must I consider when importing trade goods?
    Please note that trade goods must always be declared. The same applies to goods that are subject to measures of prohibition and restriction.
  • How much money may I import and export without having to declare it?
    Cash, cheques, savings account pass books and similar items must be declared above a total of 10,000 euros. For journeys within the EU a verbal declaration is sufficient; for journeys to or from a non-EU country, the declaration must be made in writing.
  • I do not reside in the EU but have paid value added tax in an EU country. Can I get a tax refund?

    Yes, as a passenger who is resident outside the EU, you are entitled to have the value added tax that you paid when making your purchases reimbursed before your homeward journey. Please observe the following with regard to this:

    1. When making your purchases, please look out for the Global Blue TAX Free SHOPPING symbol and ask for your Tax Free Form.
    2. Present your purchases, receipts and passport at customs and get your Tax Free Form stamped.
    3. Go to the Cash Refund Office to have your value added tax refund paid out in cash, or send the Tax Free Form to Global Blue for a refund credited to your credit card. You can also request that a bank cheque be sent to you.
  • What will happen if I enter the country carrying counterfeit goods?
    Such articles must only be imported for your own personal use and only in small quantities. If this is not the case, the goods will be confiscated.
  • Can I imported protected animals or plants?

    Trade in endangered animals and plants is prohibited. Violations will be strictly pursued and those involved can expect high fines and even prison sentences. Out of consideration to endangered animals and plants, we ask that you refrain from purchasing any living holiday souvenirs, animals or plants. The same also applies to the shells of giant clams and coral fragments.

    Further information is available at the following link: www.artenschutz-online.de

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