Passport and Visa

Check your travel documents before time for departure to be sure that they are still valid. Your passport or personal identity card should be valid for at least the duration of your time abroad. In addition to a valid travel document (depending on your destination either a passport or a personal identity card), you may need a visa for entry to some countries. Please apply for any required visas well in advance of your trip. If you are not a citizen of one of the countries covered by the Schengen treaty, you should check to determine if you require a visa for your final destination even for travel within the Schengen zone. The consulate or diplomatic representative of the destination country is responsible for issuing visas. Please keep in mind that you, the passenger, are responsible for complying with visa requirements and that you can be refused travel if you fail to observe regulations.

You will find additional information about passports on the following home page:

Additional information about the immigration provisions of your destination country are available on the German Foreign Office site:
If you have lost or forgotten your passport, you can contact the state police at Tegel Airport.
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