Time to spare? – Spending time at the airport

Time spent at the airport

If you have some time to spare before your connecting flight, you can spend it in a variety of ways at Tegel Airport.

Left Baggage

If you wish to stow your baggage when spending a longer period of time at the airport, you can do so at the Left Baggage counter in the Service Centre in Terminal A. Detailed information on left baggage is available here:


Free WiFi at Tegel Airport is available 24/7 – making sure the time flies between flights, checking your e-mails or simply surfing the Net.

Visitor Terrace

You can visit our visitor terrace at Tegel Airport and enjoy the expansive view of the airport site. The terrace is located above the airgate ring. Access is beside Terminal A. Please note that the visitor terrace may be closed due to weather conditions or unforeseeable events. More detailed information on the visitor terrace at Tegel is available here:

Shops and Food Services

Do you wish to buy a pair of sunglasses or some perfume, read a newspaper or select a few souvenirs during your stopover? No problem – numerous shopping facilities are available at Tegel Airport. And you will also find various food services. A list of shops and food services at Tegel Airport is available here:


Waiting periods at an airport can be spent relaxing in a lounge. Tegel Airport offers a variety of lounges. More detailed information on the lounges at Tegel Airport is available here:


A private retreat area is offered by two napcabs available in the Sky Conference area. They each avail of a bed and a workstation as well as various technical facilities.

Airport Info

+49 30 609160910


Our airport information staff can be reached 24/7.