Baggage tracing and
damaged luggage

Missing or damaged baggage is the responsibility of the airline you are travelling with. If after arrival you notice that your baggage has been damaged or has failed to arrive, or if you have forgotten something in the aircraft, then please report this to the airline’s baggage tracing desk as soon as possible. Some airlines allow you to report missing baggage online. Please retain all your flight documents, and especially your boarding pass and your baggage claim tag. You can find your direct contact person by entering your flight number in the following field.

Forwarding your baggage

Baggage tracing

Would you like to have your baggage delivered to your home address or hotel, and did your journey start outside the European Union? Then you must complete the customs declaration form, sign it and send it as a scanned document or by fax to the handing agent responsible for tracing your baggage.

Airport Info

+49 30 609160910


Our airport information staff can be reached 24/7.

What is Worldtracer?

After you have filed a missing bag report you can track the status of your bag here.