Bulky luggage

All luggage which can not be sorted automatically using the baggage conveyor system due to its size or the nature of the item is considered large or bulky. Large or bulky items include: prams and pushchairs, wheelchairs, golf bags, surfboards, bicycles, skis, parasols, diving equipment / diving rucksacks, animals in transport crates which have been cleared for carriage etc. Please contact your airline before you travel to check whether large and special luggage needs to be registered and to find out the carriage charges.

On departure

Please hand in your large baggage at one of the large luggage desks in the departures hall after you have checked in. Drop-off points for bulky luggage are located in Terminals C and E (lower level).

On arrival

You can retrieve your large luggage directly at the arrivals gate near the luggage carousels so you do not need to go to a special counter. Please look out for the “Bulky luggage” sign. Retrieve your luggage from one of our colleagues there. In Terminal A, there is an elevator at each gate where the handling agent returns bulky luggage items. In Terminal E, bulky luggage is handed over directly by the handling agent at the luggage carousel.

Airport Info

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Our airport information staff can be reached 24/7.