Hold baggage

The Tegel Airport baggage conveyor system will take your hold baggage to your plane quickly, safely and carefully.

Before you start your journey, please note:

Certain items, for instance electronic cigarettes, are prohibited in hold baggage as they could pose a threat to air travel.

As airlines' luggage rules vary, please check directly with your carrier. Please note that you may incur additional charges for failing to comply with luggage rules.

For a list of permitted and prohibited items, click here:

Checking in with a boarding card

Have you already got your boarding card? Many airlines have special baggage drop-off desks for checking in luggage. This means you can avoid queueing at the check-in desk.

Once it has been checked in, baggage undergoes a series of checks, with each suitcase passing through an X-ray machine. Sometimes, it is necessary to open the baggage in the absence of the passenger and remove items which cannot be carried, if applicable. Should this happen, we will place a paper document containing detailed information in your piece of luggage.

Airport Info

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Our airport information staff can be reached 24/7.

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