Liquids in hand luggage

We recommend that our passengers pack their liquids in their check-in baggage wherever possible. When doing so, passengers must comply with other regulations, such as those concerning dangerous goods. The less hand luggage you take with you on a flight, the more smoothly you will pass through the airport security checkpoints. Within the European Union, restrictions apply to the carrying of liquids in hand luggage on board aircraft due to security reasons.

The regulations apply to the following liquids:

  • Pastes, lotions, creams, foam
  • Mixtures of liquids and solids
  • Aerosols
  • Other substances with a consistency that is liquid, viscous, gel-like, creamy or similar at room temperature.
  • Examples: toothpaste, hair gel, beverages, soups, syrup, perfume, shaving foam, jam, soft cheese, etc.

In cases of doubt, the security personnel at the airport are responsible for deciding whether an item is permitted to be carried.

What you need to consider and observe

There are limitations on the liquids that passengers may carry in their hand luggage. The individual fluid containers may not hold more than 100 ml. The determining factor is the maximum capacity printed on the packaging. All containers must be kept in a separate transparent and resealable plastic bag with a zip closure. Each passenger is only permitted to carry one bag with a maximum volume of one litre in their hand luggage. Liquids exceeding this amount are not permitted to be carried in hand luggage.

These regulations do not apply to the following:

  • Liquid medication (e.g. insulin) or liquid special foods (e.g. baby food or other special dietary foods) that are needed during the flight. You may be required to prove the need for such items by way of written confirmation from a doctor. Notwithstanding the regulations on liquids, the carrying of medication must comply with possible provisions of customs law.
  • Liquids from duty-free purchases that have been purchased at an airport or on board an aircraft and that are contained in sealed security bags. These security tamper-evident bags (STEB) must be tamper-proof, unopened and undamaged. The articles as well as the sales receipt must be contained in such an accordingly certified security bag.

These articles are checked separately using special detection methods.

Further information

If you have any questions or in case of uncertainty, the airport staff will be pleased to help you. At the security checkpoint, you must take all liquids out of your hand luggage and present them separately for checking. To avoid delays, you should therefore take out all liquids before your hand luggage is checked.

These special restrictions regarding the carrying of liquids in hand luggage apply within the European Union. Passengers should inform themselves about the regulations in the destination or transit country before travelling. The information presented here is in simplified, summarized form and is provided without guarantee. You can read the legally binding information in the legal texts.