Standardised special service request codes used in international air travel

The following special service request codes are listed in the EU regulation as a means of identifying the severity of a passenger's disability. When you register for our assistance service, you are welcome to state the code which applies to you.


WCHR (wheelchair ramp)                                             The passenger can walk short distances and ascend short flights of stairs. A wheelchair is only needed for longer distances.
WCHS (wheelchair stairs) The passenger is unable to ascend steps but can walk short distances.
WCHC (wheelchair cabin) The passenger cannot walk or ascend steps. A wheelchair is needed at all times. The following codes are used for wheelchairs:
  • WCBD – wheelchair dry cell battery
  • WCBW – wheelchair wet cell battery
  • WCMP – wheelchair manual power
BLND (blind) Blind passenger
DEAF Deaf passenger
DEAF/BLND Deaf-blind passenger
DPNA Passenger with mental disability or retarded development. This includes learning difficulties, dementia, Alzheimer's disease and Down's syndrome.

Before you start your journey, please find out what medical certificates you need to show.

The day before your departure, you should contact your airline again and make sure that your special requirements have been taken into account for the flight.