Preparing for your journey

Your travel agency or airline is always your first contact when planning a trip or a flight. They will provide you with information about the help and support that is available during your trip.

Assistance service

Please submit a request for assistance service to your airline or travel agency no later than 48 hours before your planned departure. It is not possible to submit a request to the assistance service directly. Indicate the scope of assistance you require and the extent to which you are restricted in your mobility. This service is of course free of charge. 

The submission of the request well in advance is required by the EU regulation and gives our PRM service provider (passenger with reduced mobility) the opportunity to schedule the services in good time.

Our assistance service will help you:

  • At all points of your stay at the airport, from arrival to take-off of the aircraft: check-in, baggage drop-off, security checkpoint, transfer to departure gate, boarding, stowing hand luggage
  • At all points after your arrival at the airport: deplaning, transfer to baggage claim, immigration and customs, transit within the terminal to your connecting flight
  • With everything you want to take care of before your flight leaves: food, beverages, shopping, toilet

Our service is intended to help you by taking care of your individual requirements. Should you experience any difficulties, please let us know. This will give us the opportunity to clarify any issues so that your special needs can be met in the future.

Talk to your physician about your upcoming trip. He or she can point out special circumstances or risks which may be related to the trip and recommend the appropriate precautions and behaviour.

Ask your airline whether an accompanying person is required or advisable.

Clarify the degree of mobility resulting from your disability and the assistance you require at your departure point, on the aircraft, during possible intermediate stops and at your final destination with your booking agents.


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Quality standards

Below please find the quality standards according to the EC Regulation 1107/2006:

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Barrier-Free Travel

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