Travelling with Children

Travelling with children

Small passengers are just as welcome as the big ones at Tegel Airport. We hope our tips and remarks will help you to find your way around as easily as possible.

Hand luggage

Most airlines allow passengers travelling with children to take an additional piece of hand luggage.

Nappies and baby food, a change of clothing, wet wipes, snacks, medicines, toys and books are essentials in the parents’ hand luggage. By the way: baby food and baby water are permitted in hand luggage because they are exceptions to the 100 ml rule.

Baggage/prior-evening check-in

Most airlines limit the baggage that can be checked without additional charge to 20 kilograms per passenger in the economy class. If you have booked a very early flight, some airlines offer a service which allows you to check in your baggage the evening before and reserve your seat. Ask your airline about its specific regulations.

Bulky baggage: prams, buggies, car seats

Prams, buggies and car seats are classified as bulky baggage and must be dropped off at a drop-off point for oversize baggage after check-in. If your travel schedule includes a stopover and a change of planes, ask to have all of your baggage checked through to your final destination when you check in. Many airlines will permit you to keep the pram with you until departure time. Ask your airline for details in advance.

Play room

Families can make waiting time fly at Tegel Airport thanks to a play area in the security area of Terminal C1. There, a total of five wall games encourage children to explore the colourful world of the airport. And there really is something for everyone here, including Flughafenpärchen (airport pairs), a version of Memory, in which players have to match up two identical cards, and an experimenting game called Europatour, in which the kids fly by magnetic tile to some popular destinations from Berlin. Children can play all of the games on their own or with their parents or other children. The area’s twelve fabric seat cubes with aircraft pictogram prints also invite kids to sit and play.

Family room

Passengers with babies and small children, as well as children travelling alone and being looked after by a member of the airline in question, can use the new Family Room in Terminal A (Level 0) before their flight departs. Travellers will find a nappy-changing facility here as well as a small play and reading area. There is a couch for use by parents. The Family Room also has its own sanitary section.

Food and drink

At Tegel Airport there are various options for purchasing food and drinks both in the publicly accessibly areas as well as in the areas behind the security checkpoints.


Have you forgotten something or would you like to use the time before your flight to have a look around the shops with your children? Tegel Airport does of course offer numerous shopping facilities for you to do this, both before and after the security checkpoints.

Baby changing facilities

Tegel Airport provides baby changing facilities. Passengers with babies and infants will find them in all the terminals. 

Visitors’ Terrace

There are few places that are as exciting for children as airports, and the best place to watch what's happening is the visitors’ terrace. From here, you and your children can look out onto the apron and watch planes from all over the world as they take off and land.