Travelling with pets

Travelling with pets
Not all airlines allow passengers to take animals on board. Please contact your airline or travel agent well in advance of your journey for more information.

A distinction is made between animals which are permitted to travel in the cabin (PETC = pet in cabin) and animals which are carried in the hold (AVIH = animal vivant in hold). Where your pet will travel depends on its size, weight and the type of animal.

In any case, your pet must be kept in a suitable transport crate, which should be well ventilated, leakproof and contain the animal securely. Your pet should have sufficient space and be able to move freely. 

Flying with your own pet should not be underestimated. The unfamiliar environment, strange smells and new sounds can make the journey very difficult and stressful for your animal.

For more information about travel requirements and the necessary documentation, contact your airline or travel agent.