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Flight to / via Departure Expected Counter Gate Status
LH 2039 Munich 14:00 14:45 B24-B31 A03 Check-in
EZY5867 Zurich 14:15   C40-C50 C41 Departed
EW 8028 Düsseldorf 14:25   D75-D89 D72 End of Boarding
TP 533 Lisbon 14:25   A04 A05 End of Check-in
BA 993 London LHR 14:30   A13 A13 Boarding
EZY5757 Naples 14:30   C40-C50 C42 End of Boarding
KL 1826 Amsterdam 14:30   A11 A11 Boarding
OS 230 Vienna 14:40   A02 A02 Boarding
XQ 947 Izmir ADB 14:40   C66-C68 C86 End of Check-in
EZY5571 Munich 14:45   C40-C50 C38 Boarding
TK 1726 Istanbul IST 14:45   A14/A15 A15 Boarding
LH 191 Frankfurt 14:45 15:10 B24-B31 A09 Check-in
EZY5811 Palma de Mallorca 14:50   C40-C50 C50 Boarding
LX 967 Zurich 14:55   A07 A07 End of Check-in
EW 8072 Nuremberg 15:00   D75-D89 D80 Check-in
VY 1883 Barcelona 15:00   C53/C54 C60 End of Check-in
VY 3962 Bilbao 15:00 15:20 C51/C52 C67 Check-in
EZY5643 Madrid 15:05   C40-C50 C49 Boarding
XQ 665 Antalya 15:05   C63-C65 C84 Boarding
EW 8044 Düsseldorf 15:10   - - Cancelled
OE 022 Malaga 15:10   C69/C70 C69 Check-in

All departures

Flight from / via Arrival Expected Gate Status
VY 1882 Barcelona 14:15 14:42 C Delayed
AF 1234 Paris CDG 14:20 14:40 A10 Delayed
VY 3961 Bilbao 14:20 14:40 C Delayed
5P 5955 Hamburg 14:30   Cancelled
BJ 2490 Monastir 14:35 14:31 A01 Landing
S7 895 Moscow DME 14:40 14:33 C Landing
EW 8013 Stuttgart 14:45 14:36 E Landing
EW 8069 Cologne/Bonn 14:45 14:44 E  
EZY5826 Ancona 14:50 15:30 C  
LH 186 Frankfurt 14:55 15:14 A08  
ST 4907 Heraklion 15:00   A11  
BT 215 Vilnius 15:00 14:45 A06  
IA 263 Baghdad 15:00 14:50 C  
SK 2677 Stockholm ARN 15:00 14:56 A03  
LX 968 Zurich 15:00 15:20 A05  
LH 2040 Munich 15:05 15:13 A02  
X3 332 Antalya 15:10   C  
EZY5632 Belgrade 15:15 15:27 C  
LG 9415 Saarbrücken 15:20 15:10 C  
8Q 2842 Antalya 15:30   C  

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Arriving and departing

Arriving and departing

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Getting to and from the airport

It’s quick and easy to get to Tegel Airport. This route planner makes it simple to work out the best way to get to and from the airport, regardless of whether you’re travelling by car, public transport or bike.

Shops and restaurants at the airport



Tegel Airport has lots of places for passengers and visitors to shop. The varied range of stores stocks international brands, the latest fashion trends, practical travel accessories and Berlin souvenirs.


Food and drink

With so many different places to eat, time will fly before your departure. Cosy cafés and stylish restaurants invite you to sit back and enjoy Tegel Airport. From a quick takeaway snack to a three-course meal, there is a full range of food and drink on offer.

Airport map

Airport map

Airport map

Our map makes it quick and easy to find your way around Tegel Airport. The terminals, gates, Boulevard Tegel and airport services are all clearly marked.


Heinemann Shop in Tegel

Re-opening of the Heinemann Duty-Free Shop in Tegel Terminal D

Bright and inviting, small, but refined – the new Heinemann Duty-Free Shop in Tegel Terminal D has a ... morezum Thema: Re-opening of the Heinemann Duty-Free Shop in Tegel Terminal D

10 Years of Berlin to Beijing

10 years of Berlin to Beijing

Congratulations: Hainan Airlines has connected Berlin with Beijing for ten years. On 5 September 2008... morezum Thema: 10 years of Berlin to Beijing

Primera Air - Boeing 737 Max 9

Three new long-haul flights to North America

Primera Air will connect the capital region with Boston, New York and Toronto. The Nordic airline wil... morezum Thema: Three new long-haul flights to North America

Orientation made easy

Airport map

An overview of TXL

Things that are worth knowing, from arriving at Tegel Airport until your departure.   more

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