Restaurants at Berlin Tegel Airport

Illy Bar

Illy Bar vegan

Continuing the same winning concept of the flagship for the past 27 years and with sound know-how and extensive service and culinary expertise, the Illy Bar was successfully opened at Tegel Airport. A range of regular suppliers and own producers ensure ...


In.tegrale vegan

People are surrounded every day by nature that has only beauty, power and vitality. Our bodies should have these properties as well, and that is why only selected products of high quality, most of them from organic cultivation, are used for the products...


Kamps vegan

Kamps Backstube offers customers the opportunity to look over the baker’s shoulder while he bakes, fills and decorates the loaves and bakery products by hand with outstanding dedication to detail. See the freshness of products and the baking skills that...

Leysieffer Bistro

Leysieffer Bistro vegan

In the elegant Leysieffer Bistro with accompanying Confiserie, visitors can experience a range of freshness. Leysieffer is both a highlight and an oasis of tranquillity amidst the hustle and bustle of the airport. The name Leysieffer is synonymous with ...

Marché Bakery

Marché Bakery vegan

Only traditional baking techniques are used in the Marché Bakery. This means that the doughs are 100% natural, contain no baking mixes or other additives and are baked slightly longer. Products include a wide variety of breads and rolls, pizzas and savo...



This mobile food unit marks the beginning of the rapid success story of casualfood in 2005. Mayer’s mobile units can be found wherever travellers might fancy a freshly prepared snack to go. The ‘Mayer’s’ brand was specially designed to cater to the inte...