Restaurants at Berlin Tegel Airport

Red Baron

Red Baron vegan

The Red Baron is a restaurant, café and bar. The philosophy of Red Baron cuisine is based on using top-quality produce that is quickly and easily prepared. It goes without saying that this produce is almost 100% fresh and untreated. The Red Baron is as ...



Starbucks baristas are true coffee artists at the espresso machine. Their mission is to create the perfect coffee speciality for each and every Starbucks coffee house customer, thus ensuring an inimitable Starbucks experience. The wide range of coffee b...


Traiteur vegan

Decorated in fine burgundy, the ‘Traiteur’ bistro combines quality, variety and a selected range of products to create a culinary meeting point for travellers from all over the world. From sandwiches and panini to salads, bakery products and coffee spec...