Frequently asked questions

  • Is there a short-stay car park?

    Car park PK in the inner ring of the main Terminal A offers direct access to the departures gates and is a short-stay car park. Reasonable rates are offered for stays of up to 15 minutes.

  • Where are the disabled parking spaces?
    Disabled parking is available in car parks PK, P2 and P5. Disabled users pay a maximum of one day for using car park P2 (by showing their disability card). Parking fees are payable at the parking office in the car rental centre.
  • Can I stop for free if I'm dropping somebody off at the airport?
    Besides the short-stay car park PK, travellers departing from Terminal A can stop right outside the respective departures gate in the restricted parking zone for loading/unloading or picking up/dropping off passengers for up to three minutes free of charge.
  • What is the maximum vehicle height for entering the parking areas?
    There are no height restrictions in the short-stay car park PK. The maximum vehicle height for multi-storey car parks P1 and P2 is 2.00 metres. There are also no height restrictions for car park P5. However, only vehicles with a maximum height of 2.00 metres can drive into the multi-storey car park in P5.
  • What do I do if there are problems at the car park barrier?
    There is a help button by each entry and exit barrier which allows you to speak to our parking office. This office is manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

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